ICT in our lives- it’s time to suck it up!

Reading through material for my education course and specifically the ICT subject I’m currently undertaking, I found a specific piece of literature that was of great interest to me.


Like the author of the blog, I too believe that as a society, we need to get on with using ICTs in our lives when and where it’s available and stop slowing down the progression of industries through fear.

Before you shake your head at me and say “it’s easy for some”, just consider that we actually all start with the same degree of knowledge as each other when it comes to ICTs. Sure, our experiences in pre-schooling, school and adulthood influence the development of ICT understandings; but there’s one key to moving forward and it’s a very simple concept: try.


There were some upgrades between the macintosh ii and the iMac but these weren't significant!

There were some upgrades between the macintosh ii and the iMac but these weren’t significant!

My dad attended university until I was 4 and always had a computer. When I was born we had an apple 2c. I vividly remember the black screen, fluro green text and floppy floppy disks. By the time I was in grade 4, every classroom in my small country town state school had 2 apple computers, and our home computer was upgraded to a computer with a mouse. Each time we upgraded our computer (every 4 years) we’d get a new apple. Then when I got to high school, apple was not used, instead it was PCs with windows. It was hard for me. Very hard. I’m pretty sure on more than one occasion I did something that required a system reboot. My computer teacher would stand over my shoulder and even offered me to use an apple computer in the corner. Despite being a pain, no one died. No one was even injured, and I’m pretty sure as frustrating and time consuming my apple brain was, I didn’t even cost the school any extra money. So why, when we’re faced with new ICTs, is there such a fear? How can this device that is so small, and has a very convenient on/off switch cause my mother to break into a cold sweat? Maybe it’s because she’s never broken a computer to the point where someone says “we’ll have to take this to the help desk” and found out that despite your epic fail, the computer lived to see another day.

It’s tome to stop being afraid. It’s time to suck it up, give it a go, swear at the computer, throw things and growl, but don’t give up. Make that computer, that software and that hardware be your b$&ch. In the words of my girl Beyonce, “work it”!!


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