I’m Afraid…

I hope this post doesn’t confuse anyone, as my aim is to shed light on the very real feelings of someone who is both optimistic and pessimistic about technological advances in education (specifically).  In last weeks learning path, our lecturer asks us to make sure we are truly considering the merits of what we are reading and doing in this course and that we engage in an authentic way with both course material, and the processes associated with the course.

Upon reflection, I’ve felt it necessary to be truly honest.  I’m not sure if my previous posts show the true fear I have about the part ICTs play in our education system, specifically the classroom.  I am truly afraid.  I said just two days ago to my husband that “I’m not sure we should put AR into an iPad class next year – I’m worried she relies on it too much”.  He responded that I “have to get used to it- they’ll be used more and more as she gets older”.  The truth is I’m scared.  The future is unknown, and as a parent I don’t know if this incredibly powerful and exciting tool (the iPad) is something that is benefiting my daughter’s education or not.  I don’t know if what we have allowed her to participate in (the iPad class) is a good thing or not.  I don’t think that this question can be answered through a uni subject, or even through the course of a year of using the technology.   I may not ever know, or it may not be for 20 years, but I have to make the decision – is it right to be putting such a large emphasis on the use of the iPad in the classroom or not? My belief is that the tool itself isn’t positive or negative.  It’s a tool – like a spanner, it can’t do anything without human intervention.  So, I’m relying on good educators to ensure that the tool is used for the right things, at the right time in the classroom.  If I think about this, isn’t that what we do anyway? Whether there’s an iPad, a calculator, paint, pens, paper, scissors; we are relying on educators to use these tools at the right time in the right way.  How is the iPad any different??  But then, I can’t escape the fear I have when I see her using the iPad every night for “school work”.


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  1. mariakaffatou
    Mar 18, 2014 @ 12:36:37

    I guess we all feel the same when we feel that things are out of our control, esspecialy when it comes to our children….ICT as everything else has positive and negative sides.The truth is that the world is changing (and there is a very good video regarding this on the learning path) ….we can pretend to ignore this fact , or even dislike it but whatever we do it is still there, which means that we will have to deal with it ….eventually!


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