A real life chat

One of the points I made early in my course to some peers was that I was looking forward to sharing the authentic communication and reflection that is a natural part of my life.  If you haven’t already guessed, I’m what’s commonly known as “an extrovert”.  I enjoy having a chat, socialising, and pretty much feed off interaction with others.  Therefore, this technological communication can often leave me feeling less than satisfied, as I’m not getting real time interaction.  Interestingly, I have the benefit of interacting with parents on a regular basis as I do school drop off and pick ups.  This is a priority for me, as I believe building relationships with other parents at my child’s school serves my child well for many reasons (which I won’t go into now).  When I picked her up on  Friday, I had an awesome discussion with some of her peers’ parents outside the classroom.

We are all parents of children in an iPad class, so in full disclosure I said “I’m doing an assignment for an ICT subject, and I’m going to be addressing the use of iPads in a classroom.  So far, here’s the reasons I have for why I think it’s great – can you give me your thoughts?”.

Many good points were made – they were authentic, real life experiences, and one thought that I had not come up with myself.  It was so lovely to hear some honest responses from parent’s genuinely experiencing the benefits of ICTs in the classroom.  I can’t wait to share their thoughts with you when my assignment is complete.  What it highlights to me is that having conversations like I did on Friday, being physically present, and not “hiding” behind our technology is very important – nothing can replace that!


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  1. lrjones2013
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 06:05:50

    I am like you Lisa I call myself ‘have a chat’ and totally agree with you. I know we live in a busy, fast paced world but we should still try to do the face to face discussions with parents. I think at times words can be misconstrued or taken out of context when read and i feel you can gain more by being as you put it ‘physically present’. I am looking forward to viewing your artefact and the benefits the parents told you about.


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