Copyright Licencing, and all things “ownership”

The latest hurdle I’ve had to overcome in my studies is understanding the implications of copyright on the use and distribution of what is found on the wwww.  Yep that was 4 w’s- it’s a Wonderful world wide web.  It’s wonderful because the web is so rich and full of so much stuff.  Stuff.  There’s no other simple way to put the enormity of everything imaginable and even things you can’t imagine that can be found in the unfound pages of the web.  I love that no matter what I come across in my studies, or in life, I can open up my browser and search for hidden treasure.  Just today I started thinking about my 4 year olds birthday in a few months, and off to pinterest I went.  Invitation ideas, themes, inspiration was all coming at me.  It’s so effortless that it’s become thoughtless.  I don’t think about where the picture I’m viewing has come from, whether that’s someone’s art, whether I owe someone thanks for what they’ve presented me in my treasure hunt.

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my latest ICT assignment, so when it came to addressing the copyright issue I desperately wanted to put my fingers in my ears and sing “lalalalala” while going to my happy place.  It is mind boggling.  But it’s important.  I think the lesson for me is that part of my teaching has to be to remind my students that despite the wonders of the web, we are viewing someones’ something.  Someone’s pictures, thoughts, work, ideas.

We are already understanding the importance of being mindful of what is put on the web- it is there to stay and we are making a footprint of sorts with what we post on social media.  However, what about the stuff we “re-post” or “copy”? We need to get more savvy with what we use, how, when and why.  Who owns what you are “right-click, save” ing? I’ve had a big wake up call this week, and I’m certainly on a road to recovery of less right click save-ing.

Check out more info here on Creative Commons licensing.


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