What arrogance! What an insult to the rich and chaotic variety of the human experience

This blog resonates with me- why?
I have worked as a teacher aide in a private school in Qld for the last 2 years. We did not have C2C, and many UoW were being created while I worked there. I was fortunate to experience the work involved in any planning to do with UoW. These need to change according to the students you teach. Are you teaching information to students or teaching students to understand information and develop skills? If it is the latter, you will need to vary your teaching, the lessons, the units according to the students individuality (differentiating accordingly) but ALSO according to the world they are living in. Our world changes regularly and teaching needs to change with it. Get with the program!

The Weblog of (a) David Jones

I’m currently engaging in a bit of light reading as an escape from the constraints of regular teaching. The title of this post comes from Terry Pratchet and Feet of Clay (p 206)

What arrogance! What an insult to the rich and chaotic variety of the human experience.

The quote arises from the Sir Samuel Vimes character considering the type of detective who can say

in a lordly voice to his companion, “Ah, my dear sir, I can tell you nothing except that he is a left-handed stonemason who has spent some years in the merchant navy and has recently fallen on hard times”

The point being that the same small collection of observations could be used to justify something completely different. Pratchet’s example is

to a man who was wearing his old clothes because he’d been doing a spot of home bricklaying for a new barbecue pit, and had…

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