Assignment 2: Curriculum and Assessment

Unfortunately my posts have been few and far between lately – having some health problems has set me back and I’m genuinely disappointed as I feel the participation in blogging is advantageous in my uni course!

So, although it’s a little late, here’s my thoughts on the second assignment for ICT (Edc3100).  I’m trying to use my efforts for another subject (Mathematics) to help this subject.  The assignment for my Mathematics subject is a webquest, and considering this is rich in ICTs I felt it was appropriate to base a Unit of Work (UoW) around.  I am doing a webquest for year 2 students based on Using units of measurement  and Data representation and interpretation.

Students will know… (Constructing Knowledge objectives/content descriptors from the syllabus)

  • The correct names and order of seasons (ACMMG040)

Students will be able to… (Transforming objectives / content descriptors from the syllabus)

Therefore, my UoW will focus on the lead up to the webquest and then the final assessment from the webquest.

These are very much a work in progress, so any comments on the learning outcomes above would be welcome and appreciated!!

The assessment for this unit will be upon the completion of a Webquest, where students are required to research information to solve a problem.  The webquest begins with researching the seasons and their corresponding months for different countries (Australia and America).  Students will be taken on a journey where they see the similarities and differences in the seasons of each country.  The final assessment is to create a graph with the average temperatures for each season and the month the seasons fall on.  They will then write a short essay suggesting the best climate to live in for a particular purpose.

Assessment Criteria:

Summative assessment will be conducted through observations, anecdotal records and informal discussions to ascertain the following developing skills:

Students engage in group activities with enthusiasm to achieve collective goals

Students follow necessary steps to achieve collective goals

Students analyze data to make sense of relevant information

Formative Assessment:

“Students collect data from relevant questions to create lists, tables and picture graphs” (from

Students can name and order seasons

Students can interpret collected data with prior knowledge to make appropriate selections.


Any assistance is appreciated!!





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