Pedagogy… I could think of other words to use right now!

Pedagogy is one of those education words that really refers to the “how” of teaching.  It’s something that every teacher has, and they don’t refer to it as their pedagogy unless they’re studying.  That’s what gets to me about the amount the word is used in study.  It hasn’t got a lot of real relevance in teaching practices – we use it, it evolves and develops, but it isn’t really used very often.

Personal pedagogy is what I have most interest in developing, as it forms the basis of how effective my teaching will be.  In week 8 learning path, David (my lecturer) refers to pedagogical knowledge and the importance of experience.

“For many teachers, PCK is something that comes from experience.”

David Jones,

The thing for me is that it absolutely has to evolve through experience.  I’ve said many times before that education from theory to practice is very different, and pedagogy is part of the evolution from theory to practice.  We have theorists that inform our pedagogical knowledge now – ideas; ideals; examples and so much information, but many don’t have the experience to see that while some pedagogies work well in theory, for various reasons, their classroom implementation may not be so.  The various reasons I am talking about include: teaching partners (different styles, different educational backgrounds, different experiences); curriculum coordinators (these people often dictate the resources available for use in the classroom); principals’ or deans’ (they make ultimate decisions about what/when/who is available to you in your classroom); parents; students; experience; environment.

My point is that we need to remain very flexible in the way we use our pedagogical knowledge.  Experience is so valuable, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.  When we enter a classroom as graduates, we need to remember that the students will teach us just as much as we will teach them.  They will teach us patience, kindness, fun, excitement and all the wonderful things that come from learning.  We need to absorb it all, keep learning and keep evolving.  I never want to be a teacher that is “set in my ways”.  That’s part of my personal pedagogy.

Check out some of my peers and their views on pedagogy: (Kylie’s Blog)


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