Preparing for Prac

As I was recently fortunate to be given a position as a literacy coach at my local primary school, alterations have been made to my prac, meaning I now start on Thursday (EEK!).  After chatting to my mentor from the school I feel so excited about the experience ahead of me. We chatted about how teachers have a tendency not to want to share ideas.  There is often a sense that what we know/have/use is our property and for some reason, exclusively ours.  Blogging has helped me share with and learn from others in a collaborative environment.  It’s such a valuable thing for educators to share with each other, and when we stop, it’s my opinion that our students suffer.

My mentor then raised the point that my prac experience is so valuable, as once I graduate, I will rarely get to see another teacher work.  It doesn’t happen.  When I think about that, it makes sense.  Once I’m teaching, I will hardly ever (if ever!) get to observe other teachers in their environment and learn from them.  It makes me think that blogging and other online resources (such as padlets) are valuable for teachers.  Imagine setting up a padlet with your teaching partners with the purpose of discussing “christmas concert” or “mother’s day craft”.  You could share with each other ideas, restrictions, sites and information without needing to arrange a meeting.  The padlet could be added to at any opportunity given, and wouldn’t require a great deal of time.

How else can we continue to share once we are practicing teachers?


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  1. anoukmatt
    May 06, 2014 @ 21:40:50

    Good luck for Thursday. I hope you have a wonderful prac. Congratulations also on your literacy coach position.


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