Prac – Week 3

I’m in the fortunate position of working as a literacy coach 3 days per week, and therefore my practical experience is actually only 2 days a week but it’s spread over 7 weeks.  Life is exhausting for me at the moment but I love every second. The students at both my workplace and my professional experience placement are just lovely and I’m learning so much.  The thing about working as a teacher that the first few days of professional experience has taught me is how exhausting it is.  My mentor is absolutely full of energy and positivity.  It’s amazing, and the students respond with such delight at being in school.  Keeping up with her energy is exhausting but it’s so important – it really makes such a difference to how the students respond to her.  Image

The first week gave me an insight into how ICTs are being embedded into the year 2 classroom, as one parent (who is also a distance education teacher) arranged an author visit from someone she knew that had written a book called “Monster Primary School“.  How was this embedding ICTs? Well, the author (Michael Paulsen) didn’t actually come into the classroom! The parent had prearranged a blackboard collaborate session with Mick, and he read the book, displaying the pages in a presentation on the virtual “blackboard”.  Students were able to see him, hear him read the book, and then using a headpiece and webcam, he was also able to hear questions from the students and respond to these.


What I loved about this experience was the flexibility of the teacher to just give it a go.  The experience was completely new to her, and as I use blackboard for university, I was actually more experienced than her.  However, she enthusiastically responded to this offer from the parent and made her class and time available to provide this enriching experience.  The key to it’s success: she wasn’t afraid.  What if it hadn’t worked so well? what if the Education Queensland blocking on the internet had prevented the blackboard use? these things can happen, but trying it out doesn’t do any harm, and the result this time around was so wonderful!  Here’s a few snap shots from the setup in the classroom.




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