Reality Bites

I thoroughly enjoy blogging – writing is such a passion of mine that having the opportunity to write with my genuine perspective and no “boundaries” as such is very liberating.

So why haven’t I blogged for a week?

Oh you funny thing! That’s where I’ve realised reality bites! I have been so busy “doing” that I haven’t had a chance to “write about doing”.  I read other teacher blogs and find it fascinating and valuable, but the time is just not there! I’m spending my nights making resources, scouring the internet for additional resources, making meals for my family, studying for my other subjects and generally chasing my tail.  So I’ve spent considerable time (while I’m in the car!) thinking about how I would integrate blogging into the classroom as I see the value in it.

My answer isn’t simple, but I have some ideas.

  1. Habit.  It must be habit to use the blog, write things and reflect.   As a teacher this would have to become part of your day- what happened today, what is happening tomorrow/next week/next month.
  2. Integrate.  Integrate the blog into the day’s plan – perhaps some days it’s a student job to write on the blog, or perhaps you plan it into the day – the first 10 mins of lunch break is devoted to blogging.  Planning for it will enable it to become habit.  Using the blog to integrate things like homework, newsletters, notes home and projects will make it’s use essential for everyone – parents, teachers and students.  The integration would encourage clear communication which is vital to high quality education.

What other ideas do you have for the integration of blogs? I have genuinely wanted to use the blog with my students on prac, and while I’m not, I have set up a “mock” class blog that I have used for some assignments to test out the integration of a class blog. You can view it here, by using the class code: afhktu.




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