Reading eggs…cellent!

I planned a lesson today based on a big book from Reading Eggs that my mentor recommended.  Under the “teacher” section of Reading Eggs, once logged in, a teacher has access to fantastic engaging and interactive “big books” (amongst other things!).  Some of these books even have worksheets to go with them.

These sorts of things showcase what’s great about technology. There was no photocopying required, no library trip, no book stand, students were all able to view the book clearly and with beautiful colour on the interactive whiteboard screen.  Image

The worksheets gave me ideas from which I created my own activities, and the lesson was so successful that my mentor asked me to do two follow up lessons tomorrow! I’m doing another follow up English lesson, and a math follow up in the afternoon.  My mentor was so encouraging and her feedback is very specific.  That’s something I’m learning a lot about- giving feedback that encourages improvement.  Even when giving feedback to children, instead of saying simply “good job”, we can be more specific in what we appreciate about their work.  For example: “I really like the way you have tried with every activity – that makes me really happy, and we’re going to work a little more on these rhyming words tomorrow.  Good work!”.  Even though this feedback takes more time, it actually saves time later because your feedback was so specific that the students know what to work on for next time, and what to do to get some positive attention!!

Loving it (today!).


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