On the Home Stretch! Into Assignment 3

Like Megan, I too had an enjoyable experience on prac. It’s such a rewarding experience when we have good mentors making themselves, and their experience available to us to learn from. Unfortunately I know many of my peers haven’t had the same experience, and it’s my hope that over time, I will become the kind of mentor I have had – who encourages, empowers and instills my teaching students to be and do their best.

Megan Vicary

Last Friday I finished professional experience and what a great experience it was!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, had a fantastic mentor and a great little year 1 class. 20 students and very minimal behaviour issues. It was a big change to all my other pracs that I have been on!

My last prac was in the prep room and this on was in year 1, and I think I am in my element with this age group. I received fantastic feedback and had heaps of fun!! Loving it!!


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Digital citizenship take 2

The latest learning path talks about the notion of digital citizenship. It encourages me greatly to talk about digital citizenship in the same way we talk about citizenship. It’s important for educators to develop students desire to contribute to society in a positive way- that’s what citizenship means to me. Digital citizenship therefore, means contributing to the digital society in a positive way. When we consider it this way it’s not a complex issue is it? It’s kind of a no brainer- it encompasses the way we behave, react and enact in the digital world, the truths we tell, the stories we believe and how we interact with others.
Rather than thinking of digital citizenship as purely cyber safety, we need to embrace the idea of a holistic approach to digital citizenship where students are empowered to be positive forces in an increasingly digital society.

The Pedagogy Wheel – A Blooming Great Idea!

Thanks for this fabulous resource! I’m mentally using SAMR with everything I do on prac – and making notes as to the success / room for improvement for my assignments. I’ve downloaded an app on my iPhone with Blooms Taxonomy and you select the level to get different words, activity ideas etc. It’s brilliant that we can refer to these vitally important pedagogical principles so easily as teachers. I’ve really focused on using Blooms’ languages in my teaching, making explicit references to “analyse”, “judge” and “evaluate” for the students as I feel these words need to be heard and referenced to activities from very early in education so that the student understanding and the nature of higher order thinking is build in to their little brains!

My Learning Journey

blooms apps

I came across this site which has a diagram of the Pedagogy Wheel. It aligns different iPad apps within the Samr Model and Blooms Taxonomy to enhance classroom activities. The creator of the Pedagogy Wheel said he….

 “wanted a model that could be applied to everything from curriculum planning, development, writing learning objectives and designing student centered activities”.

At the centre of the wheel is immersive learning to engage students. I thoroughly recommend checking out the site to learn more about the Pedagogy Wheel, The Samr Model and Blooms Taxonomy for a digital age. There is also a link on their site or you can follow by clicking here – to a seminar which gives ideas of the latest use of the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and how the iPad can serve the pedagogy. It has reference to 62 apps with 18 video based tutorials.

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Sports day… A vital part of school communities.

Sports day yesterday at my prac school. I’m completely exhausted from the experience but since I’ve been working at schools for 3 years now I knew it would be like that. I’m not complaining- I genuinely LOVE these days at schools and I actually think they are incredibly important for many reasons.

Firstly, they promote the community feeling that makes a school the place it is. When students feel like they are a part of something bigger, they realise how special that is. Sports carnivals and the likes display that community so obviously that children are forced to recognise their part in the world around them. It’s undeniable that they have something to be responsible for and something to take pride in. Students cheer for their friends, siblings, their team and begin to develop connections to a larger community that will be the foundations for active citizens of the future.

Secondly, and this is perhaps what hits home for me the most, is that it’s a chance for students to step out of their comfort zone, try something that they may or may not be good at, but regardless, after putting in effort and persistence they will feel a sense of achievement. That’s really important. I was never good at sports and so I wouldn’t naturally seek out sport in my own time, but doing it on sports day allowed me to see that giving it a go and celebrating the successes of others was fun and important. Even though my parents knew it wasn’t my forte, (I’m a music / drama kind of kid!) they never gave me permission to sit out one single school sporting event. I spent my day yesterday cheering on every single child on every single jump they did at my high jump and long jump spot. One of the teachers said “you’re very encouraging and enthusiastic!” It’s because I saw the hesitation in these young children and their fear of failure. I wanted them to see the fun, the joy of the experience and the feeling that comes from persisting at something instead of giving up. Every kid got so much better at their jumps by the end, and again I celebrated and pointed out their progress.

I cannot tell you how strongly I feel about the importance of these events, developing the confidence and persistence in our kids, and teaching them to celebrate the successes of others. These are such vital characteristics of healthy, strong and independent adults!


I’m going to be a teacher… But I already am.

Professional experience has been nothing but positive for me. Last week my mentor teacher asked if we could “team teach”. I was so humbled by that statement. I haven’t yet graduated and this incredible teacher is asking me to be a “team” with her. Wow.
It made me realise that to these children, my graduation certificate means very little. In that classroom, to those people I am a teacher. My words, my attitude and my lessons are all for real. They’re not “practice” for these students. I take that responsibility seriously. These children need to know that when it comes to their learning, I am doing my utmost to create an environment, opportunities and evaluating myself to ensure that their learning is maximised. I love teaching- I love the opportunity I have to give children a positive experience of learning new things, furthering their existing knowledge and most of all creating a love of learning in these little people. My hope is that these students remember the wonder of learning new things, and never stop seeking out opportunities to learn.