I’m going to be a teacher… But I already am.

Professional experience has been nothing but positive for me. Last week my mentor teacher asked if we could “team teach”. I was so humbled by that statement. I haven’t yet graduated and this incredible teacher is asking me to be a “team” with her. Wow.
It made me realise that to these children, my graduation certificate means very little. In that classroom, to those people I am a teacher. My words, my attitude and my lessons are all for real. They’re not “practice” for these students. I take that responsibility seriously. These children need to know that when it comes to their learning, I am doing my utmost to create an environment, opportunities and evaluating myself to ensure that their learning is maximised. I love teaching- I love the opportunity I have to give children a positive experience of learning new things, furthering their existing knowledge and most of all creating a love of learning in these little people. My hope is that these students remember the wonder of learning new things, and never stop seeking out opportunities to learn.


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